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2016 Accepted Projects (in Japanese)[PDF]
 Accepted: 39 (Total Application Number:47)
 Total Number of Centers for Joint Research: 65
Abstract for all accepted projects (in Japanese)

Project ID Project Title
Project Leader (Organization)
  jh160002-NAJ Study on parallel algorithms for solving matrices by using iterative methods and direct methods on distributed-memory supercomputers
Akiyoshi Wakatani (Konan University)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160007-NAJ Development of a Next Generation Simulator of Accretion Disks
Shigenobu Hirose (JAMSTEC)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160008-NAH Development and Application of Risk Assessment Simulation Techniques on Heat Stroke
Akimasa Hirata (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160009-NAJ Inter-node communication optimization of tile algorithms for matrix factorization in distributed memory environment
Tomohiro Suzuki (University of Yamanashi)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160010-NAH Computational science toward innovative plasma-nanopowder mass-production
Masaya Shigeta (Osaka University)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160012-NAJ Interaction bewteen tubulence and a large ensemble of micro particles with internal degrees of freedom
Toshiyuki Gotoh (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160013-NAH Massively-Parallelized Particle Simulation of Space Plasma Phenomena
Yohei Miyake (Education Center on Computational Science and Engineering, Kobe University)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160014-ISH Data Locality Optimization Strategies for AMR Applications on GPU-accelerated Supercomputer
Mohamed Wahib (RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160015-NAH Self-organization and emergence of order in spatial economics: Spatial coordination of population and industrial agglomerations
Tomoya Mori, Yuki Takayama and Hiroshi Nakashima (Kyoto University, Kanazawa University and Kyoto University)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160020-NAH Large scale simulation of polydisperse multiphase flow with reaction and metastability
Akiko Matsuo (Keio University)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160022-NAHC Development of numerical simulation techniques for geologic CO2 sequestration on post-peta scale platform
Hajime Yamamoto (Taisei Corporation)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160023-NAH Development of massively parallelized particle simulation code for fusion plasma research and visualization of the simulation results
Hiroaki Ohtani (National Institute for Fusion Science)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160024-NAHC Construction of the use scheme of HPC to make three dimensional models from experimental data of SPring-8 by particle mesh two dimensional pattern reverse Monte Carlo analysis
Tetsuo Tominaga (JSR Corporation)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160025-DAHI High-performance Randomized Matrix Computations for Big Data Analytics and Applications
Takahiro Katagiri (Information Technology Center, Nagoya University)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160027-NAJ Acceleration of 3D Electromagnetic Field Analysis with a Numerical Framework based on Hierarchical Domain Decomposition
Shin-ichiro SUGIMOTO (Tokyo University of Science, Suwa)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160028-NAJ Multi-Platform Development of Fusion Plasma Turbulence Code toward Post-Petascale Era
Shinya Maeyama (Nagoya University)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160029-NAH Large-scale parallel simulation of seismic and tsunami waves for the study of mega-thrust earthquakes in subduction zones
Hiroshi Takenaka (Okayama University)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160031-NAH Development of large-scale GPU computing technique for phase-field crystal simulation of polycrystalline grain growth
Akinori Yamanaka (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160032-NAJ A study for demonstration on the building of a next generation applied aerodynamics research platform using a fast CFD code
Yuichi Matsuo (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160035-DAJ Large-scale Computation for Synchronization Analysis with Random Neural Networks
Hiromichi Suetani (Oita University)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160036-NAH Basic research of next generation large scale HPC use for coarse grained MD of polymer materials
Katsumi Hagita (National Defense Academy)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160037-NAJ Development of GPU Tsunami Simulator for Tsunami Real-time Forecast
Shin Aoi (National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160038-NAH Very-large-scale grain growth simulations using multi-phase-field and molecular dynamics methods
Tomohiro Takaki (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160039-NAJ Advanced Electromagnetic Field Analyses Based On HPC Technology
Takeshi Iwashita (Hokkaido University)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160040-NAJ Parallelization of general-purpose molecular dynamics software MODYLAS optimized for many cores and wide SIMD architectures
Yoshimichi Andoh (Center of Computational Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160041-NAHI Hierarchical low-rank approximation methods on distributed memory and GPUs
Rio Yokota (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Global Scientific Information and Computing Center)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160042-NAH A Large-scale multiphase simulation based on direct interaction between non-spherical particles and fluid using Lattice Boltzmann Method with Adaptive Mesh Refinement
Takayuki Aoki (Global Scientific Information and Computing Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160045-MDJ Numerical and Experimental collaborative study for breakthrough of high-Reynolds number turbulent flows and its application
Yoshinobu Yamamoto (University of Yamanashi)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160046-NAJ Quantum Transport Simulator for the Next Generation Transistors
Nobuya Mori (Osaka University)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160047-NAJ High-fidelity Multi-desciprinaly Design of Winged Space Craft Using High Performance Computing
Masahiro Kanazaki (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160048-NAJ Verification & Validation of fluid-structure interaction simulation tools for the natural disaster prediction
Mitsuteru Asai (Department of Civil Engineering, Kyushu University)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160050-NAJ Computational Science of Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Complex Turbulent Flow Phenomena
Takashi Ishihara (Nagoya University)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160051-NAH Development of an AMR framework to realize effective high-resolution simulations
Takashi Shimokawabe (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160052-ISH A Research and a Practical Operation for the wide-area distributed virtualization infrastructure with disaster-tolerance and fault-tolerance evaluating system
Hiroki Kashiwazaki (Osaka University)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160054-NAH Developments of large-scale CFD simulations of ship behaviour and performance
Naoyuki Onodera (National Maritime Research Institute)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160055-NAHI Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow Analysis in Subarachnoid Space
Ryusuke Egawa (Cyberscience Center, Tohoku University)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160056-ISH Toward a resilient software defined infrastructure to support disaster management applications
Yasuhiro Watashiba (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160057-NAH Development of a Powerful Tool for the Effective Particle Simulations of Debris Flows Using Dynamic Load Balance on a GPU Supercomputer.
Satori Tsuzuki (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]
  jh160060-NAJ Simulations of Ocean Circulation and Mixing in the Pan-Okhotsk Region
Tomohiro Nakamura (Hokkaido University)
[Abstract & Reports (in Japanese)]

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